Sayonara London

24 May

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Although I am continuing to travel for two more weeks, it saddens me that my time in London is coming to an end. This is a city that can’t be seen in a day and I feel extremely lucky to have experienced such an amazing place these past two weeks. Continue reading

London Favorites

22 May

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The moments I treasure most in life are the ones that immediately move me. The moments when I look up and for a second everything around me seems to stop and the world goes silent so I can just stand in awe. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a few of these moments in my short stay here in London. Continue reading

Getting Creative with Drug Education: FRANK vs. Above the Influence

17 May

Mother Advertising Main LobbyMeet FRANK

FRANK is the drug education campaign created by Mother Advertising in London in 2002. On Tuesday I was lucky enough to visit Mother to listen to Sophie Spence, a strategist who has worked on the campaign since it began, speak.

FRANK was created to replace the failing National Drug Hotline. Mother’s research showed that young people had no one to talk to about drugs, so FRANK was created to speak to teens on their level. The campaign utilizes humor to build trust and awareness among its teenage audience. The results of the campaign have been incredibly successful:

  • 90% of young people have heard of FRANK
  • 81% trust FRANK’s advice
  • 73% agreed they were less likely to use cannabis after viewing the FRANK campaign Continue reading

Next Stop London: What I’ve Learned So Far

30 Apr

It’s starting to set in that in two weeks I’ll be in London. And with adventure on the horizon I feel there is no better time to reflect on what I’ve learned about my area of expertise, London, and myself over this past semester. Continue reading

Getting Creative with Drug Education: US Overview & Moving Forward

17 Apr

Last week I presented the US portion of my research project comparing and contrasting the U.S. drug education program Above the Influence and the U.K. drug education program FRANK. Continue reading

Top 10: A Kent State Flash In London

29 Mar


I can’t wait to visit the Tate Modern Museum in London. I love modern art and design and I can’t beat the free price of admission. It’s definitely a place where I can find inspiration for my work and see what the modern art world has to offer.


It’s a gigantic ferris wheel, what more do I have to say! Not only does it feed my love of comically large things but it also is probably the best way to take in one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the world. I don’t think my London experience would be complete without a ride on the London Eye.

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London Calling

13 Mar

You get to live here.

Why is Global Advertising & PR worth taking? Why wouldn’t I just take the money I am spending on this university-sponsored trip and go by myself? I would have no educational responsibilities and all the time in the world to be a tourist. Continue reading

Project Plan: Getting Creative with Drug Education

28 Feb

It’s been said that the U.S. and U.K. are “two countries separated by the same language” and I’m excited to discover how that idea translates into the field of advertising. To aide in determining the similarities and differences I needed to find a message or product in the U.K. that also exists in the U.S. I decided to focus my efforts on the U.K. drug education campaign  FRANK and the U.S. drug education campaign Above the Influence. The two campaigns are based around the same message and target the same audience, teenagers. However, they each approach the problem of drug awareness and prevention in different ways.

Why I chose Drug Education

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